What to Expect

Aligned Health PC welcomes you and your loved ones to our family-friendly office! Whether we’re providing wellness care to our prenatal and pediatric patients, massage therapy, medication consultations, or family chiropractic and relief care to others, we’re excited to help you on your journey to wellness. We can help you reach your goals, working together so you can live your most vibrant life.

Your First Visit

Your First Visit:
Arrive around 15 minutes early. We encourage you to come dressed comfortably. The purpose of your initial visit is to thoroughly assess your health to identify underlying causes of your issues. You’ll sit down with Dr. Molato to talk about your health background and what brought you into see us. Some parts of the examination may require a gown, which we’ll provide. You can expect the following:

  • Examination: Includes the assessment of your joint range of motion and the condition of muscles, discs, and other soft tissues. Please expect this visit to last around 60 minutes. Depending on your insurance coverage, you will be asked to pay your co-pay or other charges after that first visit and follow-up appointment.

Once we’ve established your care plan, your routine visits are scheduled accordingly.