When you are working with us, your needs and health goals always come first. We’re happy to be able to help in every way we can. With our on-staff Clinical Pharmacist, Dr. Brenna Molato, Aligned Health PC is proud to go the extra mile for patients to make sure your medications are optimized, another layer that contributes to your personal picture of vibrant health.

How It Works

We’ve all seen the commercials for medications on television-what’s supposed to help you live a happier, healthier life also has a long-list of side effects, often read through quickly before the advertisement ends. Medications are powerful tools for wellness, and we want patients to feel confident their medications are working best for them in combination with other interventions and routines.

Our interdisciplinary clinic’s goal is to help patients alleviate health issues disrupting their quality of life. Combining multiple disciplines provides a wider range of quality care, focusing on the full picture of your wellness journey. It’s a holistic care approach that includes optimizing medical and physical interventions. Dr. Brenna can dig deeper to help uncover best ways to improve quality of life by helping you optimize your medication needs.

Our medication review service is an ideal service for patients taking medicine on a daily basis which could be related to mental health problems, hormonal complaints, cholesterol issues, heart problems, and diabetes among others.

Working side by side, we want our patients to get the best possible collaborative care to address their concerns. With a Pharmacist on our team, we help create a bridge between chemical and physical healthcare interventions. From natural supplements, to prescription strength interventions, the chance to fully optimize the medications you use can assist in overall support of your health outcomes. Dr. Brenna will review your current medications and evaluate potential changes that may improve how your medications are working for you. Consultations may include discussions on dose adjustments or alternative therapies, but any changes include coordinating involvement of your doctor or medical team. Her goal is to empower patients to manage and minimize side effects.

Meet Dr. Brenna Molato

Everything we put in our body has possible benefits and risks. I want to help patients understand their risks and make sure the benefits will outweigh them.”

Dr. Brenna attended the University of Washington, graduating with a Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2016. Prior to her Pharmacy education, she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, also from the University of Washington. During her career, she’s had amazing opportunities to work with patients of all walks of life, from veterans to children, and patients with chronic diseases in diabetes and blood pressure management clinics, HIV clinics, mental health and substance use clinics, among others.

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